Snapchat Slow Down – You have Reached your limit of Friend Requests for now try again in a few days

Snapchat slow down

Snapchat Slow Down issue in which users get to see you have reached your limit of Friend requests, for now, try again in a few days.

So in this blog, I tell you – How you can fix Snapchat slow down issue,

So mostly this issue happens with new Snapchat users who want to increase their friends on Snapchat & for this, they add too many friends or add unknown persons,

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This is the main reason they get the Snapchat Slow Down friend requests issue, so this happens when you add friends too many it leads to spam which is against Snapchat guidelines.

Snapchat Slow Down
Snapchat Slow Down

Steps to Fix Snapchat Slow Down Friend Requests

  1. Don’t add too many friends.
  2. Add only 50 friends in a day or Add that person to your contacts.
  3. Don’t add friends for a day when you get this Snapchat slow-down issue.
  4. Follow the Snapchat guidelines & don’t spam
  5. Add friends on Snapchat slowly then you will never see this issue & your Snapchat Slow Down issue will be fix

What is the friend request limit reached on Snapchat?

6000 friends

Why is Snapchat not letting me add friends?

Because you are adding too many friends

Can you get banned from Snapchat for adding friends?

Yes, if you are adding too many friends & doing spam

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