Snapchat Bitmoji Update 2024 – How to change your Bitmoji back to the old version

Snapchat Bitmoji Update 2023 - How to change your Bitmoji back to the old Version

So hey guys, in this blog I will tell you how you can change the new bitmoji back to the old version.

To the new bitmoji update, Snapchat is trying to make bitmoji more realistic & 3D

But many users don’t like this update because this update makes the bitmoji more strange & due to this update, the bitmoji does not look good. Because the new bitmoji looks more like a round shape people want to change the bitmoji back to the old version.

So, if you want to make your Bitmoji cute again,

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Follow these steps to change back to the old version

  1. Visit the Aditya Gyan website
  2. Tap on the Snapchat Older Version Download link.
  3. Install the older version of Snap.
  4. After Installing, log in to your snap account & you will get back your old bitmoji before this update.
Aditya Ranjan is a YouTuber, educator, and website blogger who owns multiple YouTube channels and is the founder of the Aditya Gyan website.


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    I want to change my snap icon and emojis

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