How to create Snapchat Bitmoji/Avatar Reels – Aditya Gyan

How to create Snapchat Bitmoji/Avatar Reels – Aditya Gyan

So guys as you know there is a massive craze of reels on Instagram and new reel trends keep coming every day. So one such reel trend is Snapchat Bitmoji/Avatar Reels, in which reels are made using Snapchat Bitmoji, Snapchat friends Stories, and Message quotes. So guys in this article you know, How you can Create Snapchat Bitmoji/Avatar Reels?

Steps For Creating Snapchat Bitmoji Reels.
1) Open Snapchat
2) Go to your friend’s profile and you will see a Bitmoji Story video click on the video & take a screenshot of the background that you want in your reel.
3) If a Bitmoji story is not showing in friends’ profiles, Go to the Snapchat search bar and search Bitmoji TV or Bitmoji Stories.
4) Then take a screenshot of that bitmoji Story part.

Screen Recorder For Snapchat

5) Tap Here to Download ( Bitmoji Stickers + Background )
6 ) Tap Here to Download ( iPhone Message Notification Template )
7 ) Open Pixellab & Create your quotes on Message Notification Template & Save
8 ) Open Kinemaster & Edit your Reels according to your Need
9 ) Your Snapchat Bitmoji Reel video is created Successfully.
10 ) Now you can post this on Instagram

So guys if you want more Bitmoji Stickers + Backgrounds then comment on this blog and share with your friends.

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