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Snapchat Multi snap option not showing

So in this blog we will tell you how you can back your multi-snap option in your Snapchat, which is missing.

So, guys, as you know, Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms on the globe,

Mostly, Snapchat users are teenagers. In Snapchat there is a unique feature called streaks, which users use to increase Snapchat scores & maintain streaks, So for increasing snap score, users use a multi snap option,

But the last few days, Snapchat multi option not showing/missing, follow the steps in the blog to get back multi Snap option

What is the Multi snap feature on Snapchat?

Multi Snap is a feature on Snapchat that allows you to take multiple photos or video Snaps in quick succession. You can then review and edit each Snap individually before sending or saving them. It’s great for capturing action shots or finding the perfect selfie.

Snapchat Multi snap option

Why multi snap is missing on Snapchat

There are so many reasons behind the multi-snap option missing or not showing, The following are the major reasons.

  1. App Updates
  2. App glitches
  3. Device issues
  4. Account Restrictions

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Snapchat multi snap option not showing

How to get back the Multi Snap option on Snapchat

To get the multi-snap option back on Snapchat, follow the following given steps.

  1. Uninstall the current Snapchat.
  2. . Reinstall the Snapchat & then log in. It may be back your multi snap option
  3. Tap on Snapchat’s oldest version option & install the older version of the Snapchat application.
  4. Then you log in to your account, the multi-snap option will come back.
  5. After using the older version, you can also update your application.
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