What is Twitter/X Grok (New Update)

(New Update) What is Twitter Grok?

Twitter/X is being used a lot these days, not just in India but in other countries as well. So, let’s find out about Twitter. The company has recently introduced a new feature of a chatbot, and now it has been provided in India too so that people can use it.

Musk has given Twitter, or rather, the users of x, a new experience by now supporting Grok AI on this microblogging platform. This chatbot of x could give tough competition to the chatbots of Google, Microsoft, and Open AI, as the company has now made it available for Indian users as well.

Who can use Grok on Twitter?

We already know that a lot of people use Twitter and learn a lot from it. Only those who are premium users of Grok AI will be able to use it, meaning that currently, it is only provided for X’s paid users. If you want to get the premium membership of x for the web, you will have to spend 1300 rupees every month.

Who can use Grok on Twitter?
Who can use Grok on Twitter?

Who created Grok AI?

Not only in India but it’s also used in all countries. So let’s learn about Grok AI and who launched it. Today we’ll find out. The world’s richest person, Elon Musk’s company xAI, has launched its first large language AI model called Grok, which means to understand something easily.

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Musk has always wanted to launch an AI model that provides true and real information. He also mentioned TruthGPT.


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