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Why many engineers in India are unemployed

In India, many people study engineering, but they often struggle to find jobs, leading to unemployment. Let’s understand why. One of the primary reasons for the low employability of Indian engineers is that only about 40% of engineering students undertake internships, and merely 7% engage in multiple internships.

In addition to a lack of internships, engineers face employability issues because only 36% work on projects beyond their course curriculum.

Why are Indian engineers not skilled?

Many people in India study engineering, but the lack of skills is a concern. Every year, over a million people pursue engineering studies in India, but they don’t easily find jobs. This is because about 48% of engineering graduates are unemployed.

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The reason for this is that while students may complete their studies and understand the theoretical aspects, without practical application, their knowledge doesn’t translate into skills. Therefore, they often end up accepting jobs that offer lower salaries because they lack the necessary skills.

Why Indian engineers not skilled
Why are Indian engineers not skilled?

Why engineers are paid less in India

In India, the number of positions available for engineers is quite limited, and this is a key reason why companies offer them lower salaries. Companies tend to prioritize offering packages based on their ability to pay rather than the market rate.

As a result, individuals often accept these jobs because they prioritize securing employment rather than finding a good job. They need the job and are willing to work for lower salaries.

Why engineers are paid less in india
Why engineers are paid less in India

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