YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 2024 – Aditya Gyan

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 2024 – Aditya Gyan

How to Rank YouTube Videos (With Simple Tricks)

So hey guys in this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to RANK your YouTube videos with simple steps. As you already know YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, after Google you can imagine how many people search YouTube every second.
               So if you want to Grow your new YouTube channel, then it is very important to get your videos ranked. So that’s why in today’s blog I will tell you from my personal experience of 3 years on YouTube how you can get your videos ranked. And by following these steps I have grown my YouTube channel.
So if you also want to Grow your channel, then you should read this blog completely.
how to rank a video on youtube

How and Why does a Video go Viral on YouTube?

You must have seen many such videos on your YouTube that are very Viral but after all, Why did those videos become viral and the rest of the same kind of videos are viral why not?
So the biggest factor in any video going viral is the Audience Retention, because if the audience retention on your video is not good then your video will never get views, and after getting a limited number of views your video will be dead.
Audience retention means that if someone clicks on your video, then how long that viewer see your video if that viewer saw your video 5 minutes and the total duration of your video is 10 minutes, you got the audience retention from that viewer 50% of the audience retention of all such viewers.
In YouTube, if the audience retention of your video is more than 40% So this is good for your video Because the YouTube algorithm thinks that the audience likes your video and in this condition, your video has a chance to get more impressions.
Impression = Views
2nd which is the biggest factor behind any video going viral is the CTR (click-through rate ) how many people are clicking on that video after seeing the thumbnail of your video is called the Click-through rate.
eg. YouTube gives the impression of your video to 100 people if only 10 people click on that video then your video CTR becomes 10% which is Good in YouTube. Because YouTube thinks that people are liking your video, so YouTube will recommend your video to more people.
These are the 2 important factors due to which any video goes viral on YouTube.
Impression + CTR + Audience Retention = More Impressions/Views
And if all these factors remain correct then your video gets pushed further and goes on till some important factor goes down.
Why does a Video go Viral on YouTube

5 Simple YouTube SEO tips to Rank higher in search results.

So if you also want to know how to optimize your YouTube video and get it ranked in YouTube search results, then read this blog completely.

1 ) Use Ranking Keywords in Your Video Title

Understanding the search intention of your audience is an important step. We know that the most common types of search on YouTube include informational, entertainment, educational, commercial, and transactional. So matching what your video is about with the intent of your audience is going to be really important for getting your video visible in YouTube search results.
So to rank any video, it is very important to do keyword research related to the audience of your video and related to that topic. So that whenever a viewer searches for that keyword, in any way, your video will show in YouTube search results, because only then you will get organic views through search results.
So before adding the title of your video, you must target 2 or 3 keywords in the title of that video so that there are more chances to rank your video.
And you have to use 80 letters or a maximum of 100 Letters in the title of your video because if you are also a beginner then you can use this trick to get more views, And you also have to make some eye-catching at the beginning of your title so that the viewer must click on it.
And guys, whenever you create the title, at that time you have to search the topic of that video on YouTube and compare it with the competition and top videos, you have to find your keywords from them, if you are a new YouTuber and you make videos of (How To) then you can use the title of the top videos in your video title with some changes but you do not have to do copy work in all categories at all.

2 ) Optimize Your Description

So guy if you want to grow your channel & rank your video, then description plays an important role in SEO. Because description is also a type of Metadata.
Most people make the mistake they using too many tags in the description of their videos, which is wrong way we have not to put the tags in the description, you can write 5 or 6 lines, making points about which topic you are going to talk about in this video, you just need to use the tags only in the Tags section & also have to write some important points of your video in the description.
Use 2 to 3 Hashtags in your description related to your video.

3 ) Use Time Stamping in Your Video

So guys if you are creating a video for more than duration of 4 minutes and your channel is related to Information or Education, then must use time stamping because it is a boon for tutorial & Informational channels.
I can tell you from my personal experience that by using time stamping, the ranking of the video is 5x. YouTube always promotes the video which is audience friendly and Timestamps helps the audience a lot by doing it.
And whatever information and part of the video they want to see, they can directly watch that part of the video and can also save their time.
So you must be thinking that this will reduce our audience retention, let me tell you about the video that this is not the case at all.
Because by using Time Stamping, your video ranks on YouTube for a very long time, which makes your video more likely to go viral.
Time stamping right way

4 ) Eye Catching Thumbnail

So Guys if you want to grow your channel then it is very important for you to make attractive thumbnails because people will click your video only, When your thumbnails will be attractive and clickable, So you must improve your thumbnail skills.
If you are a new youtuber then you must use clickbait on your thumbnail but don’t miss lead it in the thumbnail.
You have to make it clickable and eye-catching with a thumbnail mind, which people click on seeing it, it will also increase your character.
For Example, if your topic is ( How to use iPhone emoji in Android ) then you can create this type of attractive thumbnail.
Thumbnail Trick
Eg:- How To Use Memoji In Android

5 ) Professional Video Editing

The reason behind any video going viral is its editing because the more editing is done, the more people watch that video.
That’s why you should post your video by editing it properly and you should also do animations in your video. You also get many free animation & video footages that too copyright-free on the internet, so you should do that in your video too. Because this will make your video more attractive.
If you want to do video editing on your phone, then let me tell you that you can do very good editing on the phone too.
The following are the some of popular and best video editing apps on Android phones.
Kine master
Video Guru
Video editing

So guys if you follow all the simple strategies that I told you in this blog then you must rank your video and your channel will grow soon.


Aditya Ranjan is a YouTuber, educator, and website blogger who owns multiple YouTube channels and is the founder of the Aditya Gyan website.

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