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grow instagram followers
Grow Instagram Followers: Guys, you must think is it even possible to grow & increase Instagram followers organically?
So in this article, I will tell you all the secrets of Instagram, which help you to grow your Instagram account fast & free of cost. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms of social media, and have more than 1 Billion users. Instagram is also very popular with teenagers.
Instagram is not only just for communication with friends but also to connect with their favorite brands, and celebrity & shop online. Major studies have found that the majority of users use Instagram to search for a brand and 81% of them follow at least one & more brands on Instagram to connect with them.

There are two ways to grow Instagram followers:

1. Paid ways: on Instagram, Most users promote their accounts or post through Instagram ads, People also promote their accounts by giving money to creators to grow Instagram followers.
2. The organic way: is the best way to grow & increase Instagram followers, The organic way takes time but it gives you a real & genuine audience. Organically, people follow you because they love your content & reach organically to your account, not by paid promotions.
If you started your brand or any online shops then paid promotion is good for you, Because it helps you to reach your audience easily through paid campaigns. But if you are an individual creator or a fresher who created a new Instagram account, then you come to the right article.
grow instagram followers
Today I will tell you the 12 ways to grow Instagram followers organically. but you do need a lot of patience and consistency because it does take time to grow.
However, with Instagram It is true that slow and steady wins the race, allowing you to build an authentic, real, and engaged audience that’s more likely to connect & follow your brand and convert. If you’re ready to organically grow & increase your Instagram followers,
Read and follow the following steps:

1) Optimize Your Instagram Account

If you want to grow your Instagram account, then you first have to optimize your account, In optimization, you have to make your Instagram account audience & Insta-friendly, You have to make a professional type of Instagram account, in this, you have to choose a short & same to your name your Instagram username, which makes your account more professional.
My full name is Aditya Ranjan and I chose my Instagram username adityaranjan_29, So you have to choose an Instagram username that matches your name.
You have to post a unique & attractive Instagram profile picture, Instagram bio also plays an important role in Instagram account optimization, so in the bio, you have to choose your dreams & professional words, that describe you. Also, choose your location in your bio & select and paste a link to your social media to your bio.

2)  Keep Consistency to Grow Instagram Followers

Consistency also plays an important role in growing Instagram followers, because Instagram never promotes & gives the impression that your account is not consistent. Because consistency increases your count of every impression to your post. If you are consistent then the number of impressions of your last post to future posts also increases. So be consistent on Instagram and post regularly to grow Instagram followers.

3) Select a Particular Niche

Instagram promotes an account when its algorithm understands what’s the niche of your content. Because if you post randomly anything on Instagram. Then the Instagram algorithm does not understand which is your category & which person has to suggest your post & content. So if you want to increase your Instagram followers then you have to post similar kinds of content, Example if you post meme type of content then always post meme type of post. It helps Instagram to reach out & suggest the right audience for your post.

4) Start a Conversation with your Followers

Conversation with your followers is also important to engage your audience. Because you have to gain the trust of your followers. So you have to reply to the comments in your post.
And you have to treat your followers just like a family. Conversation with your followers helps you to grow Instagram followers.
Start a Conversation with your instagram Followers

5) Focus on Quality and Quantity

The Instagram algorithm always promotes & gives reach to High-quality content. Because Instagram is a high-quality platform, it demands content with High quality. Quantity is also important because you have to decide how much content have you to post daily. If your quality is best but if you’re posting in a week or not regularly, then there is no benefit of quality for the growth of your Instagram account, So quality is important as well as quantity. To grow Instagram followers quality plays an important role.
Focus on Quality and Quantity to grow instagram followers

6) Bonus Hashtags to Grow Instagram Followers

 Hashtags are just like a boon for every Instagram user, Because if you use Instagram hashtags rather if you don’t have any followers. But Instagram hashtags give the impression of your post to those who use those Hashtags & follow the hashtag. So if you want to grow Instagram followers, then you must use Instagram hashtags.
Use these Hashtags in your Instagram post for more engagement
#knowaadi #love #featured #trending
instagram best hashtags

7) Instagram Stories

If you think that you can grow Instagram followers only by posting posts on Instagram then you are wrong because stories are the simplest & best way to engage your audience. Because stories describe that you are active on Instagram. The audience wants to follow an active person, so you have to post more than 3 Instagram stories or more.
Stories are how beneficial for your growth.

8) Respond to other Creator posts

 If you want an active Instagram audience then you have to respond to other similar creators of your content. You have to comment on their post, so the person who comes in the comment section. They notice your account. It gives more profile visits to your account and helps to grow Instagram followers. So you have to post an attractive comment to other creators’ posts.
Respond to other Creator posts to grow instagram followers

9) Create Reels

 In this day short video is the most important & easy way to grow Instagram followers. Because a short video takes less time to create & gives many impressions to a bigger audience. Instagram also has a short video feature, which we call Reels. Instagram promotes reels more compared to posts. Because Instagram wants more people to use & create Reels. So if you want to grow Instagram followers fast, reels are the best option. So remember you have to create at least one Reel in a day.

10) Shoutout & Captions

 If you start a new Instagram account then shoutout has many benefits for your account. Because shoutout gives a starting audience, who like & comment on your audience, and view your story. If you have no story view & no engagement then it demotivates the creator. And a post with zero likes is not looking good to the audience, so in starting you try to use shoutouts with your friends. They mention your account in their stories & posts. Which helps to grow Instagram followers.
Captions also have an important role in engaging a person in your post. If you have an attractive & unique caption. Then your caption attracts the audience. So remember to use unique captions for your post & in the caption you have to try to that person give answers or comments. So you can also ask any question regarding your post. It gives much engagement. Because Instagram algorithm viral posts have much retention. So try to create a post & caption, which attracts the audience to look at your post & give time to your post & in the reading of your caption.

11) Create Your Content with Trends

You have to post & create that type of content, which is trendy & the audience loves to watch. So you have to remember that creating content with the new trends, helps you to grow Instagram followers fastly. So try to find new trends & unique ideas, which love the audience. Also, you have to update your post quality from time to time & with audience love.
Create Your Content with instagram Trends

12) View Your Instagram Insights

Instagram gives a feature to analyze your Instagram growth. It gives all the metrics that describe the growth or downfall of your account. If you analyze your audience’s love then it’s beneficial to create content that attracts your audience. So you have to use this feature, this feature is only available in the professional Instagram account. So you have to switch your account to a professional account. It gives an attractive look to your account & gives all the metrics which is useful for a creator to recognize their proper audience.
Your Instagram insights help you to grow Instagram followers.

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How can I attract more followers?

Post high-quality content in the same niche

How can I get 100 followers on Instagram?

By sharing your profile with your friends

Do hashtags get followers?


Most engaging Instagram Hashtags?

#KnowAadi #Love #Insta

Does Instagram give money for reels?

Yes, By reel bonuses.

Aditya Ranjan is a YouTuber, educator, and website blogger who owns multiple YouTube channels and is the founder of the Aditya Gyan website.


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