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So guys today we learn, how you can use iPhone Memoji stickers of iOS in Android’s Instagram stories Because Memoji makes your story more attractive.
However, the Memoji feature is only available on iOS devices but by using some trick you can use iPhone Memoji stickers on your Android Instagram. So today I tell you the simple way, how android users can use Memoji in their Instagram stories.
iphone memoji stickers
iPhone Memoji

Follow the given Steps to use iPhone Memoji-

So guys if you want to use iPhone Memoji stickers in your Android Instagram, then follow the following steps,

1. Download the PNG👇 of the Memoji stickers given below.
2 Open your Instagram Story & Create your story.
3. Click on the stickers option.
4. Click the icon sticker which is used to add the gallery pictures to the Story.
5. Select the png of the Memoji, that you download & want to use in your Story.

iPhone Memoji Stickers PNG Download

So guys below you will get many different types of iPhone Memojis stickers in PNG.

iPhone Ghost Memoji Stickers

Iphone memoji sticker – Ghost star

Iphone memoji sticker – scary
Iphone memoji sticker – love
Iphone memoji sticker – laugh


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iPhone Girl Memoji Stickers

iPhone girl memoji – no
iPhone girl memoji – hello
iPhone girl memoji – sleeping/goodnight
iPhone girl memoji – laugh
iPhone girl memoji – cute
iphone girl memoji – celebarate
iPhone girl memoji – abuse
iPhone girl memoji – tongue
iPhone girl memoji – namaste
iPhone girl memoji – surprise
iPhone girl memoji – thinking
iPhone girl memoji – no way
iPhone girl memoji – what


iPhone Lion Memoji Stickers

iPhone lion memoji – confuse
iPhone lion memoji – cute
iPhone lion memoji – laugh
iPhone lion memoji – angry



Memojis Boy 

memojis boy – sleeping
memojis boy – thumb down
memojis boy – shut up
memojis boy – tongue show
memojis boy – what
memojis boy – love

Memojis Boy Stickers

memojis boy – thumbs down
memojis boy – mask laugh
memojis boy – cute
memojis boy – heart
memojis boy – loss


Memojis Girl Stickers

memojis girl – angry
memojis girl – celebaration
memojis girl – what confuse
memojis girl – punch
memojis girl – surprise
memojis girl – tear laugh
Memojis girl – cute


So guys if you want more Memoji Stickers than Message me on Instagram – @adityaranjan_29

IOS Emojis For Android

Smiley Emojis
Heart Emoji
Season Emoji
Flowers Emoji
Signs Emoji

More Memoji stickers coming soon…


Download More IOS Memojis Stickers

What are Memojis?

The iPhone 3D emojis are called Memojis

Can I use Memoji in Android Instagram?

Yes, in some ways.

Is Memojis available on Instagram by default?

Yes, in the story sticker option, you get to see some Memojis stickers if you search.

Aditya Ranjan is a YouTuber, educator, and website blogger who owns multiple YouTube channels and is the founder of the Aditya Gyan website.


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