How to Increase Snapchat Score Super Fast in 2024 – Aditya Gyan

How to Increase Snapchat Score Super Fast in 2024 – Aditya Gyan

Increase Snapchat Score Super Fast (With 2 Secret Tricks)

In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who does not use social media, every social media platform has its different features and specialties. Snapchat is also one of them which is very popular and unique because of its parts, Snapchat has many such features, about which many users still do not know, one of these features is Snap Score Snapchat, which is an exciting feature on Snapchat.
Just like in other social media platforms, you get to know their popularity by seeing their followers, similarly, in Snapchat, users find out from the snap score that after all. How active is she/he on Snapchat and how many people do they have friends with?
That’s why many Snapchat users want to increase their Snapchat scores very fast. So in today’s blog, I will tell you some secret tricks, by which you can also increase your Snapchat score very fast.
Snapchat Score

What is Snapchat score?

Before knowing what is Snapchat score, you have to know that after all what are Snaps, so let me tell you that whatever you pictures take with the camera of Snapchat is called Snaps. The meaning score is how many people you send and receive snaps to daily And how active you keep posting stories on Snapchat & your Snapchat activity will decide how much you have a Snapchat score & your Snapchat score increases speed.

How to Increase Snapchat Score?

How to increase Snapchat score
1st Trick ( For Genuine Snapchat Score Increase )
1 ) open your Snapchat
2 ) Click a SNAP
3 ) Edit your snap if you want >> Send it to
4 ) Select all your friends & create a shortcut if you want.
5 ) Then send your snap to all your friends on your Snapchat.
6 ) After 5 min you can see that your Snapscore will increase by 100+ or more.

2nd Trick ( For Super Fast Snapchat Score Increase ) 

So guys if you want to increase your Snapscore at a super fast speed then follow these steps
1 ) Uninstall your Snapchat
2 ) Click on this Link & Download the old version of the Snapchat application.
3 ) Open & Login your Snapchat account.
4 ) Click on the search option & you have to search & subscribe to all the verified accounts on Snapchat ( Subscribe to 10 to 15 Verified accounts )
5 ) Open your Snapchat camera and select the Multi Snap option.
6 ) Click 5 to 6 Snaps using the Multi Snap feature >> Send to
7 ) Select all the verified Snapchat accounts to which you subscribe & all your Snapchat friends too >> then Send.
8 ) After 5 min you can see that your Snapscore will increase by 800+ or more.
There are also some disadvantages of increasing the snap score with 2nd step, sending multiple snaps can irritate your friends too. If you follow these steps repeatedly, your account can also be suspended if you do these steps more than 5 times in a day.
So you have to be careful and follow these steps correctly so that your Snapchat score will increase with speed.
Snapchat Score
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