7 Ways to Fix Snapchat Spotlight Limited Reach Problem

Fix Snapchat Spotlight Limited Reach

Snapchat Spotlight is a feature that showcases the most entertaining Snaps from the community. In Spotlight, you can see trending content such as Sounds, Lenses, and Topics uploaded by Snapchat users. You can watch vertical videos and explore related Snaps using hashtags. By following Spotlight guidelines, you can submit your best content.

However, many Snapchat users encounter an issue in Snapchat Spotlight known as “Snapchat Spotlight limited reach.” This issue occurs when Snapchat reduces the reach of a user’s Spotlight video, preventing it from reaching a broader audience. There can be several reasons for Snapchat Spotlight limited reach, with the most common being the failure to follow Snapchat Spotlight guidelines properly. Let’s find out how you can fix this problem.

Why is my Snapchat spotlight not selected?

There could be several reasons why your Snapchat Spotlight wasn’t selected. Getting featured on Spotlight is challenging, and not every Snap is chosen for the Spotlight section. Snapchat wants to ensure that all content featured on its platform follows its guidelines and is safe and appropriate for all audiences. Since most Snapchat users are teenagers, only content that adheres to all guidelines is typically featured on Snapchat.

To improve your Snaps, you can follow a few tips: create original and creative content, use vertical videos, add sound and hashtags, and follow Snapchat Spotlight guidelines.

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Steps to fix – Snapchat spotlight limited reach

If you think your Snapchat Spotlight reach is limited, the most common reason is that your Spotlight isn’t following Snapchat’s guidelines correctly. You can follow some steps to improve and fix the problem of limited reach on Snapchat Spotlight:

Steps to fix - Snapchat spotlight limited reach
Steps to fix – Snapchat spotlight limited reach
  1. First, try to make your Snaps creative. Your Spotlight video should be unique.
  2. Use vertical videos, add sound, use hashtags, and you can also use Snapchat filters and lenses.
  3. Your Snaps should be between 5-60 seconds long.
  4. Do not post duplicate content; create original content. Avoid copy-pasting on Snapchat Spotlight.
  5. Avoid copyright infringement and use licensed music. Do not use songs from other platforms that aren’t yours on Snapchat.
  6. Do not spam or use artificial views in Spotlight.
  7. Follow Spotlight guidelines and submit your best content.

If you follow all the Snapchat guidelines your issue of Snapchat Spotlight Limited Reach will fix.


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