Flipkart vs Amazon which is better?

Flipkart vs Amazon which is better

Everyone knows about Flipkart and Amazon, and they also know that some people think Flipkart is better, while others prefer Amazon. But many people shop on both Flipkart and Amazon.

So, let’s find out. Many people say they trust Flipkart, with 25% favoring it, while 20% prefer Flipkart, and Amazon is liked by 18% of people. This is because many users like both companies, offer good products, and sell branded items. So, we can say that both companies are good.

Is Amazon at a loss in India?

Amazon had a strong start, but after some time, the company began to experience losses. This was because Amazon delivered 100-150 packages a day and only charged 20 rupees per delivery. Due to increased scientist and distribution expenses, Amazon’s losses have grown over the last few financial years, particularly in 2019-20.

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The largest investment was made in Amazon Seller Services, where Amazon invested 8,408 crore rupees in three stages, and its revenue in the financial year 2020 increased by 42% to 10,847.6 crore rupees.

Is Amazon in loss in India
Is Amazon in loss in India?

Why is Flipkart not going global?

Flipkart is not only popular in India but is also liked by people in all countries because of its good quality products that attract customers. Flipkart does shopping at the international level.

It’s a misconception that Flipkart is available outside India; it’s only available in India. Indians living abroad or their friends and family can’t benefit from the incredible deals presented by Flipkart.

Why is Flipkart not going global?
Why is Flipkart not going global?


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