WhatsApp vs Telegram which is better?

WhatsApp vs Telegram which is better

WhatsApp vs Telegram are both popular messaging apps today, and people like both of them. Let’s find out which one is better. WhatsApp is a pretty good app; you can find lots of groups on Telegram where you can watch your favorite videos, books, and movies.

However, you don’t have much control over Telegram because a lot of people can message you and bother you. And on Telegram, your chats are not private.

On WhatsApp, you talk to only those you have in your contacts and you can maintain control by adding only those you want, which is why a lot of people prefer it. Telegram is also good for watching movies and reading good books, but that’s pretty much it.

Is Telegram more safe than WhatsApp?

We know that both apps are good, but are they both safe? Let’s find out. Both apps are safe because we can save private messages and they can’t be shared with anyone else.

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Telegram is quite good with its features because it is a private app, and on WhatsApp, you can only message the people you have in your contacts, so your app is safe and there’s no problem. So, we can say that both apps are quite safe because your messages stay only with you.

Is Telegram more safe than WhatsApp
Is Telegram more safe than WhatsApp?

Which app is safer than WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an app used in many countries and people like it because it’s an app where you can only keep the contacts you choose and cannot share them with others. However, some features in WhatsApp are not very good. So, let’s find out which app is safer than WhatsApp. When it comes to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Signal and Telegram have convinced users that they are safer than WhatsApp and that they are also very good apps.

Whatsapp Old App

Which app is safer than WhatsApp
Which app is safer than WhatsApp?

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