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Rapido app

Rapido App: In today’s time, many people travel, and for some, the rent for autos, taxis, or services like Ola can be quite high.

So many people in India use Rapido for their travel needs. Let’s learn more about the Rapido app, the services it provides, the cost of its rides, and whether Rapido rides are safe.

Rapido is an Indian company for travel rides, much like Uber. Rapido provides on-demand bike and taxi services and allows users to book a bike ride through its app, connecting them to nearby bike riders for their destination.
Rapido’s bike service is becoming beneficial for many people because it offers great service for daily commutes to work.

It’s one of the most affordable services for those commuting to the office daily. To avail of this service, the company launched an app in August 2015. This means that with the help of this app, you can book a bike and go anywhere local in your city or even farther, as Rapido also started taxi facilities.

How much does Rapido App cost per km?

Rapido is used by many people, and it’s quite beneficial for them. The cost of a Rapido bike ride differs from area to area and city to city and also depends on demand and supply.

Rapido cost per km
How much does Rapido cost per km?

According to the Rapido app, they charge Rs. 3.1/km for up to 5KMs and Rs. 6.3/km after 5KMs for bike rides. Additionally, they impose waiting charges after 3 minutes of the captain’s arrival, which is Rs.1 per minute. Prices may also vary if you change the pickup or drop location, or due to toll charges.

Is Rapido Safe for Girls?

Rapido is widely used nowadays, and even girls use it in big cities. However, when we talk about the safety of girls on Rapido rides, it all depends on that particular area, city, and time of day.

If you don’t have any urgent work or if you’re new in a city and don’t know much about the area, try to avoid traveling at night. And in case you are traveling, then try to share the details of your ride and rider with your family and close friends.

According to Rapido, all Rapido riders are verified by their government documents and driving license, and they have introduced many safety features like the SOS button.

Is Rapido safe for Girls?
Is Rapido Safe for Girls?

How to use the Rapido App to Book a Ride on a Bike

So if you want to use the Rapido app and travel through Rapido, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Rapido App from your Play Store or App Store.
  2. Sign up by providing your number, name, and basic details.
  3. Turn on your phone’s location.
  4. Select your current location and then choose the location where you want to go. Choose your destination.
  5. After selecting your destination, you will see the amount charged for your ride. Then tap on the continue option.
  6. If any rider accepts your ride, you will see the exact time when your rider will come to pick you up. If you want to cancel your ride for any reason, you can do so.
  7. When your rider comes to you, they will ask for the OTP. After you give the OTP, your ride starts.
  8. When you reach your destination, you have to pay for the ride.
How to use Rapido App to Book a Ride on Bike
How to use the Rapido App to Book a Ride on Bike
What is SOS in the Rapido App & How to use it?

Rapido introduces a safety feature in the application called SOS. When you feel unsafe, you can call for emergency services in case of any safety issues or other emergencies by tapping the “Red” SOS button.

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However, the safety of customers on Rapido also depends on the rider because there are also a few riders who are rude. So when you’re traveling, always pay attention to the road, areas, and the rider’s behavior. Always check how many rides the rider has completed earlier and their rating before traveling.

SOS in Rapido
What is SOS in Rapido & How to use it.

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