What is FASTag and how it works | Recharge?

What is FASTag and how it works?

In today’s time, with the help of a FASTag in India, you can pay your toll tax in just a few minutes, it saves a lot of time. When you’re driving on the road, you need to pay the toll tax.

Let’s learn more about FASTag & how it works. In Fastag a sticker operates on Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). Using this technology, the tag connected to the car is scanned.

When you’re passing by a toll booth, a FASTag scanner reads the sticker on the windscreen and automatically deducts the toll fees from the linked account. It saves drivers time & also creates better management of toll fees by making it digital.

Is FASTag good or bad?

FASTag is a kind of system that allows car drivers to pay toll taxes without stopping. If a vehicle has FASTag installed, there’s no need to stop the vehicle or use cash to pay the toll tax; the driver can easily pay online through FASTag.

It’s important to remember that any machine can malfunction, so there’s always the possibility that the scanning mechanism may be unable to read the FASTag. Sometimes, after certain transactions, the FASTag might become unreadable.

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Therefore, customers should have a backup plan, and the government should provide a way to reissue the required documents in such cases.

Is FASTag good or bad?
Is FASTag good or bad?

Who invented FASTag?

FASTag is a system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The National Highway Authority of India introduced it. FASTag was first introduced in India in 2014, and it was made mandatory for every vehicle in 2019 to address the issues faced in toll collection systems at toll plazas by implementing an electronic toll collection system in India. It’s a digital technology that saves a lot of time and makes managing toll taxes more convenient.

Who invented FASTag
Who invented FASTag?

How to recharge Fastag online?

As you know, FASTag is a digital technology, so you can recharge your FASTag for your vehicle online. Follow these steps to recharge your FASTag online through the mobile app:

  1. Download the FASTag application from your app store or Play Store.
  2. Open the app and log in with your registered mobile number or password.
  3. Click on the recharge option.
  4. Enter the recharge amount.
  5. Select the payment method.
  6. Fill in the necessary details and complete the payment.
  7. After the completion of payment, your FASTag will be recharged with that amount.
  8. Then you will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number or email.
recharge Fastag online
How to recharge Fastag online?


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