Being an influencer is a good career choice in 2024?

Being an influencer

Influencer: In today’s time, many people use various apps and platforms, you will get so many influencers, Nowadays, thousands of people are creating content on different social media mediums like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and few creators are earning from thousands to lakhs of rupees monthly.

And from a career perspective, becoming a social media influencer can be a great choice but it is not good for everyone, because becoming a influencer is so tough. So in this article, we will discuss whether the influencer career option is good or not.

Is it hard to become an influencer?

Becoming a social media influencer isn’t too hard, but is also not so easy, you need to learn about the platform’s algorithm and have a good knowledge about content creation. You also have experience with that platform how it works and what are features of that particular platform.

But You don’t necessarily need to be highly educated. You just need to have a good talent. And you don’t need to be informed in any specific field.

Whether it’s comedy, technology, dance, or some other unique type of talent, you should have it. You should also post on your social media accounts, and you can become a popular social media influencer by consistently providing quality content.

become an influencer
Is it hard to become an influencer?

Is being an influencer stressful?

Influencers are a type of impressive people, but they all have similar advantages. One of the main advantages is their earning potential. The best impressive individuals can earn lakhs of rupees, and they are also honored. The main disadvantage of an influencer career is it’s not a stable career & also earnings fluctuate. An influencer career is not so easy because you have to interact with the public.

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Impressive individuals can earn more than a normal salary. In today’s time, many people are using the internet to try to become impressive on social media. It can be stressful for new people trying to become impressive and build their presence.

Is being an influencer stressful
Is being an influencer stressful?

How much do influencers earn in India?

It depends on you, how many followers you have. If someone on YouTube reaches 100,000 subscribers, they can easily earn 100,000 rupees in a month, but their channel’s monthly viewership ranges from 1 Million to 5 million.

It depends on how many people follow them; their earnings depend on that. We can also say that in terms of earnings, those with more than 1 million followers stay at the top.
But only top creators earn much, small creators’ earnings are not so similar to jobs.

How much influencers earn in india
How much do influencers earn in India?

Choosing an influencer career depends upon your hobby and passion, if you can make money by it, then it’s good. But it’s a big decision if you want to pursue an influencer career as a full-time choice.


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