Why phone Battery drains fast | 10 Ways to Improve Battery Health

phone Battery drains fast

Battery Health: In today’s time, whether young or old, everyone uses a phone, and when they use it, the battery runs out quickly. Many users are facing a problem that their phone’s battery drains fast.

Why does this happen? Let’s find out. If you use your phone to watch videos play games, or for general purposes, the battery runs out quickly. Some battery settings also affect battery backup.

If you keep the brightness of your phone high, the battery drains quickly, if your battery drains very fast it’s bad for your phone’s battery health, so in this blog, I will give you the best ways to improve your phone’s battery health.

How do I stop my battery from draining so fast?

We all use phones, and the phone’s battery drains quickly. To reduce this, first, you need to reduce the brightness of your phone. To decrease brightness, go to settings and adjust it in the display section. Turn off keyboard voice chat and avoid using apps that consume a lot of battery.

stop battery from draining so fast
How do I stop my battery from draining so fast?

10 ways to save Battery on phone.

  1. Don’t use apps that consume a lot of battery.
  2. Turn off Mobile data or WiFi when you’re not using the internet.
  3. Try to use Dark mode.
  4. Don’t use live wallpapers.
  5. Use limited apps at a time.
  6. Update software: Keep your phone’s operating system and apps updated.
  7. Limit notifications: Disable unnecessary notifications.
  8. Use battery saver mode.
  9. Monitor battery usage.
  10. Optimize settings.

What kills battery health?

If you keep your phone’s brightness high, charging can be quickly drained. Don’t use the phone, when you are charging it.
You can also set the display to auto-brightness mode along with the refresh rate. Try keeping the brightness of the phone at 50% or lower. Don’t charge 100% of your phone it will damage the battery health.

What kills battery health
What kills battery health?

How can I save my mobile battery?

In today’s time, almost everyone uses a mobile phone. People use their phones until the battery gets low. So let’s understand. Don’t let the phone battery drop below 20%; always maintain an average smartphone battery level.

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As soon as the battery level reaches 20%, put the phone on charge and always remember to charge it only up to 80%-85% because even if it goes beyond that, it’s okay, but charging it beyond that might damage the phone.

save my mobile battery
How can I save my mobile battery?


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