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what is truecaller

Truecaller is a super helpful app that has become popular these days. Its color-coded caller ID feature makes it so easy to identify and differentiate between normal calls, priority calls, spam calls, and business calls.

If you have the app on your phone, it’s a great tool to quickly know if a call is from a scammer, spam caller, or an unknown number. And the best part is, it’s completely free and beneficial for everyone.

When was Truecaller launched in India?

Truecaller was launched in India on 7 July 2015. Ever since its launch, many people started liking it because it made it easy to identify calls from unknown numbers or even from people they know.

The app became popular quickly because whenever someone calls, their name appears, making it much easier for users. It also provides all the necessary information.

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When was Truecaller launched in India
When was Truecaller launched in India?

Is the Truecaller app safe?

Everyone uses Truecaller, and it’s really good for people because it offers complete data security with top-notch security services to keep all your information safe.

They provide many important services, and the software is developed using open-source technology, which is great for everyone.

Is the Truecaller app safe
Is the Truecaller app safe?

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