Reasons why Nokia failed – Aditya Gyan

Reasons why Nokia failed – Aditya Gyan

Everyone knows about Nokia phones; there was a time when Nokia was the dominant brand in every household. But what happened that now people hardly mention Nokia? Let’s find out what went wrong. One reason for Nokia’s failure was its slow adaptation to new technology. When Nokia was still using 2G, 3G technology came into the market, and other companies like LG, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Mi, and Apple took advantage of this and started launching smartphones. Nokia remained stuck in the past and couldn’t understand the importance of 3G.

The entry of Samsung from China posed a significant challenge for Nokia, as both companies were selling at high prices, but in India, consumers preferred Samsung, which had better phones. Android became a popular platform, and Nokia couldn’t grasp this change. When Nokia launched its Windows Phone, it was not well-received because consumers had better options with brands offering good phones with 3G and 4G capabilities. As a result, Nokia gradually declined as other companies introduced better features, and Nokia failed to innovate, allowing competitors to capitalize and bring their brands to the forefront, offering good Android phones at competitive prices.

History of Nokia Company

Nokia phones were made about 157 years ago and they lasted for a long time. These phones were used in every household and were very good. But gradually, people started liking phones from companies like Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Apple, and Mi, and slowly the company began to decline. Nokia was first launched as a mill by a Finnish businessman named Fredrik Idestam on May 12, 1865. The first GSM phones were launched by Nokia in 1991 and they were among the favorites. The name Nokia was also chosen because there was a river by the same name in Finland, and these phones became famous in many countries.

What mistakes did Nokia make?

What mistakes did Nokia make?

In the beginning, the Nokia company was very successful, but as time changed, the value of Nokia phones decreased because new brands were launched in the market that people really liked. While Nokia remained stagnant with its features and brand, companies like Apple and others entered the market, which people started to prefer. Samsung was bringing Android and better software update features, whereas Nokia was stuck because they thought people wouldn’t like these new brands. Nokia never really understood the value of Android or wanted to adopt the Android system, which is why the company started to decline. While Apple’s company was becoming popular in the market, Nokia was gradually becoming less favored.

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What is the current status of the Nokia brand?

The Nokia company is currently facing significant losses, one reason being the discontinuation of its brand. Nowadays, people look for and prefer new brand features, but Nokia has announced that they will create a new smartphone and launch it. This smartphone will be launched at MWC 2024 and is expected to be very good and one of the top brands.

Current situation of Nokia


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