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How Jio become successful

In today’s time, the Jio company is very famous, and everyone knows that Jio is providing excellent network service and people like it. Jio was started by Mukesh Ambani, who faced many problems initially, but as the company gradually started to operate, it benefitted greatly. They launched 4G networks at a low price, which was advantageous for people. Even today, Jio is providing services to people, and they are using the network efficiently.

While Jio was planning to expand to different countries, other companies were still providing 2G and 3G networks where customers were not getting good service. After Jio’s entry, people benefited a lot, and gradually, Jio also profited greatly because people were getting 4G networks, and in the present time, they are getting 5G networks, which is making customers very happy and benefiting the company.

History of Jio company

Everyone knows about Jio these days; people are using Jio SIMs predominantly. Let’s learn about it. Jio’s journey started on February 15, 2007. The first mobile phone used by Jio was from Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambani launched Jio in India on September 5, 2016. Jio began its services with a zero balance which was highly beneficial for people. Jio also offered free services for a long time, which attracted a lot of customers.

In India, people like free stuff, and Jio capitalized on this to gain a lot of customers. For a while, the market operated like this, and gradually, as this continued, the 4G network service became very popular in India, providing great benefits to the people.

Reliance partnered with Intex to create 4G VoLTE-enabled smartphones. Where people used to have difficulty using the internet, Jio made it much easier. After Jio’s arrival, many companies suffered losses because Jio was providing free services. Initially, a Jio phone was priced at 1500 INR, which benefited many people, and they could afford a 4G phone.

History of Jio company

What is the reason for the success of Reliance?

Jio company is very successful today, and people have a lot of trust in it because it provides 4G and 5G network services. This is also a reason why it is one of the biggest companies providing telephone brand services in India. We know that its beginning was initiated by Mukesh Ambani, the son of Dhirubhai Ambani, who is a very big businessman and a very famous person in Mumbai.

Mukesh Ambani’s father had established Reliance Industries, and today everyone knows him. Just as Mukesh Ambani’s father was a good businessman, Mukesh Ambani was also a good businessman like him. In the Reliance Industries AGM held in Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani took many big decisions. Reliance Industries has 3 growth engines: retail, oil, and Jio.

These are the growth engines of Reliance. Reliance Industries has made many decisions related to the new commerce platform. And as they gradually grew their company, now it is a 7 lakh crore company.

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How did Jio change India?

When Jio company entered India, people started benefiting a lot and were getting access to 4G networks. We can say that initially, Jio company faced losses, but as customers started liking the service, the company began to profit. Jio’s optical fiber infrastructure spans across India for 1.5 million kilometers.

On this optical fiber, each customer uses 280GB of data every month, which is more than what a person typically uses before their mobile data runs out. The company continues to provide good service, offering better and more affordable rates than other companies, along with great speed. It’s quite popular in the market, and Jio company has done a great job, which is why people are benefiting.

How did Jio change India?
How did Jio change India?


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