15 Best Types of YouTube channel to GROW Subscribers & Views Fastly 2024 – Aditya Gyan

15 Best Types of YouTube channel to GROW Subscribers & Views Fastly 2024 – Aditya Gyan

15 Best YouTube channel Ideas for fast Growth.

So hey guys in this blog, I will tell you the top and 15 best YouTube channel categories & types that Grow fast. In today’s blog, I will tell you the channel category in which you will get a lot of subscribers and views, and your channel will also grow at a very fast speed. So friends before creating a CHANNEL first of all you have to know about the basics of YouTube channel & their algorithms. The YouTube algorithm is so smart, if you post High-quality & Quality content then it always promotes that quality channel. So knowing all about the YouTube guidelines, rules and algorithms is so important before starting a YouTube channel. Because YouTube is an interesting and professional platform just like a Job. YouTube is also a great opportunity for the youths to show their skills & talent. YouTube gives you Name + Fame. So guys let’s start to learn & know about the best YouTube channel categories & types.

1. Gaming

These days gaming sector has huge growth because most audiences of the gaming sector are teenagers & kids, So there is a much potential & growth in the gaming channel, but you have to start the gaming channel only, when you are confident that you have skilled gameplay & talent to entertain the audience. Because only gameplay can’t help you Grow the channel, due to high competition. You have also to be the best entertainer, to Grow the Gaming channel at a fast speed. So if you are confident that your Gaming skills are unique & good then you can start your gaming channel, because there is a lot of potential in the gaming field.

2. Unboxing & Product Review

YouTube is not just an entertainment & information platform, it’s also the most lovable advertiser platform. Which attracts the big brands. So you can start your Unboxing & product Review Because now there is a huge trend in online shopping, so many people watch product reviews before buying that product. So know the exact review of the product, after people buy a particular product. So if you have an interest on product reviews & unboxing you can start a product review channel.

3. Vlogs

Vlogs are also one of the most popular & favorite categories of youths because people love to shoot and upload & tell people about their lives. But Vlogging is not so easy, it takes better quality & the skill of storytelling. Because this day a huge competition in the Vlogging category. So if you are a beginner then you have to improve your skills in storytelling & editing. After you can start your Vlogging channel.

4. Apps Use & Feature Review

App reviews & How videos are one of the most popular YouTube tech channels categories because you can start this type of channel with fewer skills & you can also teach the audience by using only screen recording. The app use & review category also has so much competition but if you start your channel with a strategy then you can easily grow in this category & earn money. In starting you have to target that type of content topics with less competition & in searchable topics. Because how-to videos & app reviews are evergreen topics, so it need a skill to rank your videos in search results. so you can start your app use & review channel after knowing the YouTube SEO & Basic Thumbnail tricks.

5. Comedy

Comedy was the fastest-growing YouTube channel worldwide in 2021, with an annual follower growth of 200.5 percent. If you have the quality to make people laugh, then you can also start a comedy channel, because this type of video would go viral very quickly. You can start a comedy channel alone or by forming a team. Comedy channels have much potential for fast growth.

6. Vines

Guys if you like the Vines video you can also start the Vines channel. Vines channel is that category on YouTube which have much audience compared to other categories. But before starting Vines channel you have to improve your acting skills.

7. Roasting

If you have a skill in trolling people on different social issues & other quality, habits of people so you can start your roasting channel. But you also have to know that the roasting Channel is only for entertaining people. Not for the doing disrespect & other hate on people. So you have to know about the proper & right way of roasting.

8. Educational Channel

In the last 2 years, if any field that has suffered the most is education, so these days there is a great demand for online education in video format. So if you have teaching skills & if you are good at education so you can start your educational channel for the students. Educational channels also grow at a fast speed & you can earn a huge money in this category.

9. Facts Channel

Fact is also a great & interesting channel category because fact channels have a big audience. So if you are interested in facts, then you can also start your fact channel and you will easily get many content ideas in the fact channel.

10. Cooking

So guys, if you like to cook or you like to experiment with new food, then you can start a food channel. By starting a food channel you can easily show your creativity on food to Audience. The cooking channel also has a fast-growing speed.

11. Health & Beauty

If you have good knowledge of health & beauty then you can start channel of this category, but in health & beauty category you have to pay great attention to every information, because this category is sensitive. Because you are giving information on health regarding topics. If you have good knowledge of this topic then only start health-related channels. There is also a huge potential for Growth in this category.

12. Finance channel

So guys if your main purpose is to earn money from YouTube. So you can start financial channels, which include crypto, real estate, demat accounts, share markets & stock-related channels. Because this type of channel has a high RPM. So you can start your finance channel if you have an interest in this category.

13. Animated Cartoon Channel

The main fact in YouTube is that Kids-related channels gain views in Billions, So Animated Cartoon channels are a great channel idea if you want to get views in millions & billions. But Animated Cartoon Channel needs a great editing Skill, in this, you need a team for story writing & Voice Artists. If you want to start YouTube as a business then Animated channels are the best category for you.

14. YouTube & Blog Growing Tips

These days so many new bloggers & Youtubers join this platform for finding opportunities in the YouTube & Blogging field. So if you have knowledge About Google & YouTube algorithms then you can start your channel in this category. This type of channel has a great demand on YouTube, especially Blogging-related channels.

15. Movie Explained Channel

So friends if you are fond of watching movies and you have good skills in telling stories to people, then you can create movie-explained channels in which you can explain the story of Hollywood movies or another language movie in Hindi & in just 10 to 15 minutes video. In YouTube, there is a great demand for this type of channel & now there is low competition in this niche so if you want to grow fast you can start a Movies Explained Channel. And you will never have any shortage of content in this category.

Some important Tips for Making a Successful YouTube Channel in 2022.

Starting a new YouTube Channel is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of hard work, Skills, Patience, and dedication.
But if you make High-quality videos without copying other YouTubers, you will be at the top in no time.

Make High-Quality videos

Having good video quality matters the most as everyone likes to watch the video in fHD in 1080p, 2k & 4k. So you also have to create your videos in at least 1080p.

Good Editing

People don’t like to watch long boring videos, so try making your videos with quality editing & use animations for better audience engagement

Matter of the video

Make sure the matter of the video is good & related to your topic so that the people will get attracted to it. Because in YouTube audience retention plays an important role in going video viral.

Title and Thumbnails

This is the most important aspect. The title of your video should be attractive & SEO friendly which ranks in YouTube search results. Try to create attractive & clickable thumbnails which increase your Ctr of video.
Aditya Ranjan is a YouTuber, educator, and website blogger who owns multiple YouTube channels and is the founder of the Aditya Gyan website.


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